What is Cookie?

What is Cookie & what makes it different?

Hi there, I’m Rob the founder of Cookie and if you’re reading this you are joining me at a time where everything is still being created. It’s May 2018, nothing is set in stone and every step forward creates a new challenge making me think ‘how the hell am I going to do this?!’

So what is Cookie? Being straight to the point, Cookie is an amazing online printer with a twist. We offer some amazing products for a wide range of uses, from fun stickers perfect for jar labels to thick business cards making you stand out at your next networking event. With over 8 years experience in the print industry, I take pride in the fact that all of our the stocks used have been sourced for their great quality – to both print on and also how it feels in your hand. My aim has always been to create that ‘phwoar’ effect.

Nobody likes super thin flyers. They feel cheap, they never do your business any justice so we just don’t do them. Our stocks start from 160gsm and they feel great and give an amazing first impression by making print personal.

Alongside providing print, I want Cookie to be a place to come to for useful content. Not content that’s just about print but about running a business as a whole. Whether this is me interviewing successful entrepreneurs and asking ‘how did you do it?’ or if it’s two-minute tips on topics such as ‘top 5 things you shouldn’t do when designing your logo’, the aim is to make Cookie a place you want to come to. I will also be documenting the growth of the business, giving you a genuine insight into the reality of starting a business. By doing this, I would love to create a like-minded community of entrepreneurs and print lovers.

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