Using Our Templates

Using the templates from Cookie.

Using the templates from Cookie is super easy! All of the templates are Ai. files (Abode Illustrator) to create the best quality final print but if you do need them in a different format please just let us know! To make it easier to find the template you need, all of them have been grouped into product category. E.g. business cards. To download the files simply click on the icon next to each catagory below.

What to do when saving my epic artwork?

Once you have finished creating your awesome artwork, firstly ensure you havn’t got any key artwork (i.e. text) in the grey margin area and double check that all of the artwork you want to run to the edge of the sheet goes right to the edges of the artboard. The red dotted line is the cut line. Make sure you have disable/delete all our guide layers and export your file as a PDF!

If you’re not using one of our templates, make sure your PDF has 3mm bleed and trim marks.

How do I upload my artwork?

On Cookie you upload your artwork when you select your product, once you have selected your product click on the ‘Upload Design’ button and simply dragand drop/upload your PDF onto the window. This is all before your print gets added to your basket. If the PDF fails to upload, you can send us your artwork via WeTransfer (if above 15mb) or email us the file with the order number.

How do I create artwork for foiled printing?

So, you want to be abit fancy and have some foil on your prints! To make sure your artwork is perfect for print, created your CMYK artwork as normal and then create a seperate vector file that has all the elements that need to be foiled. It’s essential that all foil elements must be 100% black (K).

You can upload/send the files in either of the following ways: 1. two seperate files, a clearly labelled print PDF and foil PDF. 2. Have the first two pages in the PDF for print and the second two for foiling.

Template Files

Business Cards

Loyalty Cards

Business Stationery


Wall Calendars

Creased Flyers


Creased Menus



Greetings Cards

Gift Vouchers