How To Use The Builder

Want to build your epic design on our builder?

How do I find the builder?

The build will load when you click ‘Customize this design’ once you have finished selecting the spec of yout print. Once you click this, our builder will load up open up and you can begin creating your design!

Do you have any templates to work from?

This is currently something we’re working super hard on! Creating a great design shouldn’t be a stressful process so we’re aiming to have some great templates on Cookie soon!

The button for the builder isn’t appearing on the product page

If you’ve chosen the product you want and the button at the bottom of the selection is ‘Add to basket’ instead of ‘Upload your own artwork’ or Customize this design’ it could be that you need to update your browser software. If you’re all up-to-date and it’s still not working please contact us.

I’m struggling to get my head around the builder

That’s not a problem, we’re here to help if you’re stuck on something, if it’s urgent give us a ring on 01332 650 766 or contact us.

How do I change the orientation of the page?

Changing the page from landscape to portrait is really easy (once you know where it is!) In the top right hand side of the builder is a drop down menu with the dimenions and orientation of the page. If you’re wondering why the dimensions seem different it’s because this includes the bleed of the print! Always keep in mind that the RED line is the cut line and the PURPLE line is the safe area/margin that no key assets such as text should go in.

How do I change the font size?

To change the font size you simply click on the text and click on the 3 small dots in the bottom right of the mini window that pops up. This will reveal another part of the mini window. It’s here that you can change your font size!

How do I change the background colour?

So, you want to add a bold colour to the background of your design. To change the background colour, click on the background tab on the menu that runs down the left of the builder. This will change orange panel, now click the water drop icon and the amazing colour panel will pop up!