How do we work?

How do we work?

So, you’re interested in hearing about how we work. There are two parts to Cookie, the one side being high-quality print and the other side being ‘Discover’ the fun place for tips and tricks about running a business.

How does our
print work?

Printing is such an exciting process, from the raw sheet, to the heat of the stock when it comes out of the press, all the way to packing it up and shipping out to our amazing customers. We get buzzed just thinking about it. We pride the fact that all of our prints are done within the UK. Cookie is based in the rural area of Derbyshire and is the hub where all of your prints are processed. It’s here that the final quality checks are made and we hand package each and every unique order.

We have carefully sourced our stocks to guarantee you’re getting the best quality for your money. We believe in this so much that if you’re not happy with your order, let us know and we can either reprint them or simply give you your money back – but we hope it doesn’t come to that. We’re also not a fan of super thin, super glossy cheap paper stocks, so we just don’t do them. It’s worth spending that little bit more and getting the thicker paper stock. You’ll understand when you open the box and feel them.

Our Printers & Artwork

All of our prints are created on state of the art digital presses and lithographic printers. All of which are calibrated to produce the same high quality CMYK print each and every time. For those who aren’t printer savvy, we use cracking printers. Our print team have years of experience with an eye for detail, so don’t worry we’ve got your back!

Our designers have created a vast collection of tasty templates to suit a variety of businesses. Don’t worry there’s no hidden charge for them, they’re all free to use because we like you! If you already have your own artwork that’s great, when placing your order upload your design when prompted. If you need help with our guidelines please visit our guidelines page in the FAQ section.

How does our
Discover work?

Over the past 10 years Social Media and the internet has changed way in which we obtain information has changed for the better. Long gone are those people who have ‘pub facts’ as now we all just Google everything. The next shift is that we are increasingly watching more and video content. It feels that print has been left behind in this shift, with small and new businesses becoming more and more adverse to getting any form of printing done for their business. With the tide of change resulting in the priority now being to have a website and for you to post on Social Media several times a day the way in which businesses look at print has changed. It now gets sidelined not only as a sales tool but it’s forgotten that it’s an amazing extension of your customer service.

This is where Discover Cookie steps in, it’s aim is to provide honest and helpful content not just about print but also about running a business – making Cookie so much more than just print! We aim to showcase how to correctly use design & print in the digital landscape to help you grow business. Beyond that, we will be interviewing great new people who are all at different stages in their business career. From students with an idea to successful business owners asking the questions, we all think about. Such as, what was your biggest decision that leads to success? And how do you plan to carry on growing your business? As well as articles about what it’s like running a small business – the good and the bad bits! All of which will be light-hearted and fun to be part of, this will all live in the Discover at Cookie.