General Design FAQs

Setting artwork up correctly

Does Cookie offer a design service?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer design services for customers. On certain products, we offer a ‘File Assist’ service. In this, we check your artwork to make sure the print is the correct size, has bleed and will print as well as possible. If we find any issues we will email you about the problems for you to change – we won’t make the changes for you.

If you do require minor alterations to your design but you do not have the software or tools to do so we may be able to help – Contact Us.

Checking your artwork dimensions

At Cookie, we generally work to ‘A’ sized prints, (i.e. A3, A4 etc.), on every product page there are the dimensions for each product. For reference the standard A size dimensions are as follows:

A3 – 420mm x 297mm

A4 – 297mm x 210mm

A5 – 210mm x 148.5mm

A6 – 148.5mm x 105mm

Please note: At Cookie, every print is cut by hand by a human. Due to this, there is always a risk that the dimensions of your print may be slightly off the exact measurement.

What are bleed, trim and margins (Safe area)?

We completely understand that these terms might sound a bit confusing but they’re actually pretty simple:


In order to avoid a horrible white line on the edge of the print when it is trimmed, there should always be more of the design than we actually need – this is called the ‘bleed’. The bleed area varies from printer to printer however at Cookie we ask for an additional 3mm from the trim line.


This is the actual size of your print, this is normally saved as black cross lines in each corner of the pdf.

Margin / Safe Area

The margin is the safe area in which no key elements should be placed – i.e. no text or key parts of your design. The reason for this is that there is a risk it could be cut off when trimmed. Just to be extra safe, at Cookie the safe area from the cut is 5mm. Please double check your design to make sure key elements go within 5mm of the trim line.

Uploading your files

How do I upload my files?

You can easily upload your print files on once you have configured your order and added it to your basket. When you are on the basket page you will see an upload function for each item in the basket. You can either click on the ‘Upload’ button or drag and drop your PDFs to each item.

What file formats do you accept?

We don’t accept working file formats, i.e. Ai. Psd and .Idd. The reason is to simply reduce the risk of a font being substituted, images being unlinked and the formatting being misaligned. Instead, we only accept pdf files. These options remove any potential risks.

Do I get a proof when I upload my artwork?

As standard, if you wouldn’t receive a proof of your order unless we think there may be issues with it when it does to print. Every order is quality checked prior to being processed for print. This is to make sure your artwork will print as best as it can. However, we don’t check your spelling or the actual design itself. It’s always best to have someone else look at the design prior to uploading.

My file won’t upload, what do I do?

If on the rare occasion your file won’t upload, don’t panic simply contact us and we will process the order manually for you. The common reasons your files won’t upload would be due to file size. As a tip it’s best to keep all print-ready files below 20mb. If you can’t compress your files below 20mb we recommend you use WeTransfer to send the files, putting your order number as a reference.