We love print!

Why do we love print so much?

Being in a world where social media is always there, it has become apparent that an online presence is an integral part of starting and growing a business. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly less popular to use print to grow your business. We all have that image of a ‘normal’ print website, in my mind has to have a ‘2’ or ‘Eazy’ in the name – you know the ones. All they want to do is shout at you about how many cheap nasty flyers you can get for your money. I bet you can see the final print as well, the sort of thing you would get in a local newspaper (remember those?). Every product ever sold squeezed onto a single sheet of paper and shockingly it’s all on sale! It makes me shudder thinking of it. You never trust them, do you? You instantly shrug it off as being cheap. It doesn’t do the print industry any justice but it does give us plenty of room to make it better.

It’s time to make print personal. It can be an amazing tool to grow your business when used correctly. When you open a parcel from your favourite online retailer, it always makes you smile when there’s a thank you card in there, offering a discount on your next order – just because you’re amazing!

Print is your secret weapon to gain more sales. For example, if a new online store puts a 25% discount flyer in your parcel, you’re definitely more likely to go back there. In fact, you’d love them for it! Another example would be if your favourite illustrator was having a pop-up shop for just a weekend near you and you had received a flyer with exclusive ‘on the day’ offers…. you’d go out your way to be there! Print has to be used in a way that makes your customers want to engage with it, in exactly the same way that your digital marketing does.

Before you begin to conjure up ideas that you need some sort of leather-clad brochure to send out to customers, it doesn’t need to be that complex. We like to keep things simple, especially if you’re just starting up. All you need to get things started are some great flyers, thick business cards, punchy postcards and some sleek stickers. With these basics, you can genuinely take things to the next level. All you need is your excellent idea and you’re winning!