About Cookie

Bringing back the
love for print

So, you’re interested in hearing more about Cookie. You want to know the in’s and out’s of why we do what we do. Well, you’ll be happy to hear you’re in the right place!

Created in 2018 by founder Rob Moore, Cookie was formed to bring back the love for print. With years of experience in the print and design industry, it was becoming increasingly clear that in a time where social media and having an online presence is paramount, print feels like it has been pushed to the side for most smaller businesses. Being a person that weirdly feels paper stocks when in a restaurant or buying something purely because  of how the box looks (I’m sure you’re guilty of this too!), it felt like something had to change.

It seems to be an increasingly common phrase that ‘nobody needs print anymore’ when in reality it’s never been further from the truth. In a world where everyone DM’s and presses the like button to start a conversation it genuinely feels good to make a physical interaction by handing out a beautifully finished business card. Or receiving a ‘10% off your next order’ flyer in the post instead of just another generic email.

Not that there’s anything wrong with digital marketing, in fact we love it! But we believe you can make a long lasting impression with print working alongside your digital marketing. The way that print has changed is how to correctly use it.

It was this thought that led to the creation of Cookie, why not try to mix the world of social media with the more traditional media of print. The core aim of Cookie is to be down to earth, be fun to be a part of and to make print personal. It’s also the destination for useful tips and tricks about running a business.

Cookie is a startup business and like everyone else, we’re always learning and tweaking the business to grow. We aim to learn as you do by having interviews with successful business owners and also having honest discussions about the mistakes we’ve all made at when trying to grow our businesses. We will be happily creating all of the exciting content as well as providing the essential print that will help your business grow. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it!

We love print and want to help you grow your business, so why wouldn’t we offer great useful content as well. Running a business can be isolating but you’re not on your own!”

— Rob Moore