Should you get an office dog?

Is an office dog a good or bad idea?

Well… that’s a big question. I had been thinking about it some time, especially when I started working on my own.

Being a dog person I have always wanted my own dog but working in a 9-5 job it’s always been something that wouldn’t really be fair on the dog. I wouldn’t want to be locked in a house all day without being able to go for a number 1 or 2 so why should I put a dog through that. However, now I have the home office it makes perfect sense to finally get a dog!

So let’s start with the negatives:


The amount of time they need

If you plan on being a work machine, only leaving your desk to go to the toilet and never want any distracts. You just shouldn’t get an office dog. They will constantly want to get your attention (especially if they’re a puppy), they do need to go for a wee & a poo every so often and I always like to say, they’re like a baby that never grows up.

Non-dog people

I know it’s hard to believe but some people don’t like dogs – it’s crazy right!? If you have an office that clients are likely to be coming in. It does present sometimes where clients can be a bit put off. Who doesn’t enjoy slobber all over their knees?!

The cost

Dogs are expensive! The vet bills, the insurance and the food…. if you’re lucky they might like the food you get them straight away. If your dog is anything like mine they can be so incredibly picky, constantly looking at you with a look of ‘is that is?’

The limitations

If you work on your own you have to consider how much you are going to be out of the house and for how long. You really can’t leave a dog for any longer than 5 hours. When you’re considering whether to get an office dog or not you have to think of not only what you will be doing for the next 6 months but for the rest of the dog’s life – that suddenly got serious, didn’t it!

Yay! Let’s look at the positives:


The companionship

If you work on your own it’s so lonely at times. You find yourself having a chat with yourself and you can become a bit of a recluse. Having an office dog firstly gives you someone to have a very much one-sided conversation with as well as giving you an excuse to leave the office and get some fresh air.

They make you stop.

This sounds bad but it isn’t. I’ve sometimes been sat staring at a screen for hours, whether this be staring at the rainbow wheel thinking ‘nope photoshop hasn’t crashed… it will come!’ back or losing my mind that something just isn’t looking right. Taking the dog out for a 10-minute walk always clears your head. Sometimes you just need to stop!

They’re always there for you

As cliche as that sounds they really are always there for you. Always with a wide-eyed expression on their face that they are just happy to be around. After a naff chat with an overambitious client or when the print is just saying now to everything, the dog will always be there for you.


Wow! I’ve just made it sound like an office dog is great because running a business is naff. Well, to be honest, it is at times. If you are running a business or even an employee, we all have those crap days where fussing a dog just helps. That’s why in my opinion you need an office dog.

If you are thinking of getting an office dog puppies are great but if you can consider getting a dog who needs a new loving home places such as BlueCross, RSCPA or just Google a local animal shelter near you.

As always, thank you for your time and if you have any stories about having an office dog (Good or bad) let us know in the comments!

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