Why your startup needs a trademark.

Why should I get a trademark when I’m starting a business?

The official definition of a trademark is ‘a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.’ This meaning that you can make your logo or tagline an asset that legally only your business can use within your chosen industry or sector. But in reality, you might be wondering what does it actually mean when you have a trademark. Firstly, with a trademark, you have to think big. You may only be a small business now but what will you be in a few years when your brand and name has some weight behind it.


This is the most literal point. A trademark will protect you from anyone using the same name and logo as you. You might be wondering, but I see it all the time where businesses have the same name as each other, how does that work? Well, when you apply for a trademark you have to select what industry you will be working within (These are called classifications). For example, Cookie is an online print business and a content producer. There is no need for the Cookie trademark to cover food products as that’s not what we do. If a new online print business was to a startup called Cookie as well, that is where the trademark would come into effect. If the mark was approved, I would then have the legal right to tell them to stop using the name. This could get expensive but if you’ve made it and you’re company name/ tagline has some value you need to protect it.


Once you have your trademark, you can have the comfort knowing that you can start building your business. The security to know that you can have your boxes printed, logo design made and everything else that costs money to produce. An extreme example I’ve seen was a business setting up a restaurant chain to ultimately have a trademark infringement that has cost so much it caused them to close. Scary stuff! It’s worth spending a small amount of money now to have the security it won’t cost everything further down the line.


When anything becomes an asset to the business it adds value to it. If your business takes off and everyone knows your trademarked tagline, that becomes an incredibly valuable tool that only you can use. Thinking of some of the big brands, their taglines are so synonymous to the business you don’t even need to say their names. Some examples of this are: Just Do It, I’m Lovin’ it and Think Different. That feeling you get when you think of those businesses has extreme value, which if it was used by everyone would water down to nothing. That’s what your trademark prevents happening.


You can get a trademark in the UK from as little as £150 and in my opinion a necessity if you are dreaming big and want the security that you nobody else can imitate you. But the first set if to check if it’s available, the link is below:


If you are itching to get started with your trademark but left wondering, ‘how do I even start?!‘ the following article gives you a great step by step guide of how to get started on your trademark in the UK.


I hope you found this blog useful let me know in the comments below!

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