Expanding the business

Should I take the gamble to expand the business?

I’ve had the goal for a few months now to expand the business by getting some print equipment. It’s kind of essential when Cookie will be a print business. However, the idea of getting into a significant amount of debt by adding a fixed monthly payment is daunting. Especially when you’re stepping into the unknown and during the past year I have made some expensive mistakes (Like getting a big office space with my previous business).

I’ve spent months trying to balance out whether it’s better to use a local trade printer for all of the printing done for Cookie or getting a small press in the office that will handle all of the work in-house. Both have their benefits, but primarily it’s from a cashflow point of view that made the outsourcing more appealing.

However, the point that stopped me outsourcing all of the print was that I wanted to be part of that print process. Coming from a print background I do enjoy the processes of print. That feeling of the hot print coming out of the press – It’s the best! As well as doing the final cut to see the final result. It all felt like it was the core of the business and why I do what I do. So why would I let someone else do it all?

Once the decision had been made I start searching the internet to source the best quality print press I could find that would fit in the limited space I have in the office. A few months later and a huge amount of emails later I have finally got the print press!

Alongside the printer, I had decided that having a digital die-cutter would be a good move. This way I could custom cut my own short-run boxes the alternative would be to pay for huge cut plates to be set up if I wanted to go down the traditional box manufacturing route. It also means I can now create contour cut stickers so you can have any sticker in any shape you want.

It has been a really busy few weeks in the office, a lot changing with more opportunities become available the more I think about it. The next step is to make the equipment pay for themselves, I need to stay focused and get the website up to start the sales coming in!

Do you have any stories where you had to take the leap of faith to grow your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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