Brand Story? What’s the point?

Do you really need a brand story?

It’s a common question that’s thrown about when you start talking about branding – what’s your brand story?

It really is important that you have an understanding of your story. You might be thinking that your product will sell itself, just having colourful packaging will make it fly off the shelves.  It’s actually the story behind the brand the captivates your customers, it evokes an emotional connection.

What made you start the business? Why do you do it? What makes the late nights worth it? These are the types of questions people will ask when you run your own business (and sometimes you have to ask yourselves!). Customers will always have these sorts of questions when they interact with your business, whether this is seeing your product in a shop, visiting your website for the first time or even if they’re watching a video about your business on YouTube. People will always invest more time into something if there is a meaning behind it that they feel they can relate to.

A great example of a business taking an ordinary product and giving it a great appeal is with the shoe manufacturer Toms. Their entire business ethos is based on a way of life not the product. If you haven’t encountered them before their original business model was based on their ‘One For One’ tagline, meaning that for every pair of shoes you purchase from them, they would in return donate a new pair of shoes to a person in need.


This combined with a unique marketing campaign, gave the brand a big appeal. The business is so much more than shoes. The customer is making a statement wearing the shoes, they feel like they have done their bit by wearing them. This is branding gold. If you were to strip back the meaning and look at the product itself they just look like a normal pair of slip on shoes. However, embellish them with a carefully thought out brand story and they become so much more. The story generates loyalty and love for the business.

Before you carry on reading thinking ‘I’m an illustrator, how can I make my business sound like that?!’ Don’t worry, every business is different. Some have grand meanings behind them and some are more humble. It’s all about how you put your unique spin onto. It could be a personal story or it can be the story of the product/service, like I said every business is different. However, the key point is that you have to make a connection that your audience can relate to and embellish those points.

Let’s create an example, imagine that you have a startup skincare business. You have spent all of your savings and asked for countless favours to try to source the best ingredients for your product. You have done your research. You know that your potential customers enjoy faraway beaches in the Mediterranean, enjoying the local cuisine and simply loving life while they are there. So when writing your story about the origins of the product you could write in one of two ways…

Option 1:

All of our organic products are sourced from the Mediterranean.

Option 2:

All of our organic ingredients are handpicked from the heart of the sun-soaked Mediterranean. Only the finest herbs, spices and minerals are chosen by our team of botanical experts. Purposely chosen to bring out the perfect aroma and textures. Making you feel as if you’ve been transported to a beach far away.

Option 1 is to the point and in essence does what it says on the tin, I can’t deny that a description such as this does have its place. However, option 2 has the M&S effect, you can instantly see the bright colours, feel the heat from the sun and imagine your foot sinking into the sand on the beech. This type of description takes uses the customer’s senses to make the emotional connection, you are going to remember option two and be more likely to purchase it if it conjures up those feelings every time you think of it.

This can easily be done for your business if you cater your approach for your specific target market and it works together with your overall message, but no matter what, don’t underestimate the power of an effective brand story when paired with a strong visual brand.


So there we have it, that is my verdict on how to create a good logo. If you are creating your own logo design and are having a bit of trouble with it, go to a design and they will be more than happy to help with it. Your logo design really does play a big roll in your business.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, I hope it was useful for you and that it gave you some clarity on what makes a good logo. If you have any points that I might have missed, let us know in the comments below!

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